Estoril Test Day is organized by CRM Motorsport in partnership with Estoril Circuit, Motor Clube Estoril. The main goal is to provide to drivers and teams the proper conditions of quality and security for a test day. 



CRM Motorsport: Tiago Raposo Magalhães

Motor Clube do Estoril: António Lima




15 cars track limit to guarantee the security and quality of the event.


Admition & classes:

Only admited racing cars: 

All the cars must have roll cage.

- Super 7 + Fórmulas: Super 7 by Toyo Tires, Single Seater Series, Sport-protótipos categoria C3 & CN;

- Classics: Historic Endurance, Campeonato Nacional de Clássicos, Classic Super Stock e Legends Cup, all kind of classic cars;

- Moderns: TCR/TCC, LMP3, GTs and all kind of touring cars.

All the cars are conditioned to the organization approval. At any moment the organization can change the class of the car.

The organization can exclude any car or driver that it's not on the mood of the event.



Security rules:

Mandatory: helmet, driving suit, gloves, boots.  

Overtake procedure: the slow driver must keep the racing line and the fast driver should look at the mirrors to see if we can change the racing line to overtake the slow driver.

It's forbidden to difficult the overtake maneuver.

*Adds 25€ for liability insurance